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Port Angeles Fine Arts Center

Wintertide Light Art Experience – 2021

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $300-$1,000 Stipend

The Port Angeles Fine Arts Center seeks proposals for temporary or permanent light-based installations and artworks for installation in Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park, Port Angeles, WA. Existing pieces as well as proposals for new works will be considered.

The selected works will be exhibited alongside more than 100 existing sculptures throughout 5 acres of forested parkland, transforming the park with light and color through the darkest months of the year. Applicants are encouraged to visit Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park to experience firsthand the park’s rugged terrain and second-growth Olympic forest environment.

Open to all artists and artist teams located within the United States. Artist teams please designate one primary contact person for your group.

Artwork must:
Make use of light as a primary design element
Be the artist or team’s own original work
Be suitable for viewers of all ages
Be designed to withstand adverse Pacific Northwest winter weather: high winds, freezing temperatures, and significant rainfall or heavy wet snow
Be soundly constructed + firmly anchored to prevent theft +injury

More Information: www.pafac.org