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Seattle Housing Authority

Yesler Terrace One Year Artist in Residence

  • Deadline:
  • Budget: $24,000

SHA is seeking 1-2 qualified artist(s) to participate in a One Year Artist Residency associated with the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace (YT) as an Artist in Residence, hereafter referred to as “AIR”. This program is part of a multi-year initiative that brings arts and culture programs to the Yesler community. Artists are defined as dynamic thinkers interested in engaging with the world through creative forms. Artists and teaching artists working in all disciplines, such as visual arts, performance, dance, and literary arts, are encouraged to apply.

AIR duties include:

• Creating experiences, enabling collaboration, and building relationships through direct involvement with Yesler neighborhood residents. AIR programs may include but are not limited to community conversations, performances, social actions, events, temporary art installations, and workshops; and serve a range of Yesler community members;
• Working with neighborhood service providers and surrounding area institutions to foster new relationships and strengthen community; and
• Helping to consider and respond to the challenges and needs of the Yesler community at large as it navigates a period of major development and transformation.

More Information: www.seattlehousing.org