Media by Erin Elyse Burns and Ryan Fedyk on e4c

Beginning March 7, 2013, 4Culture’s media gallery, e4c will feature work by Erin Elyse Burns and Ryan Fedyk. Their selected videos will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.




Erin Elyse Burns considers herself a “lens-based artist.” She writes, “My artwork occupies territory between image, performance and artifact. I construct experiences that embrace struggle and the potential for failure, yet simultaneously evoke a sense of the picturesque, the humorous, the vulnerable and the absurd. Her video Heat Whispers, will be featured on e4c. Filmed within both harsh and dramatic desert environments, Heat Whispers is a meditation on the physicality of pace and the experience of place.

Burns received her MFA in Photomedia from the University of Washington. She has recently exhibited work at the Indianapolis Museum of Art 100 Acres Sculpture Park (Indianapolis IN), the Sierra Arts Foundation (Reno NV) and has a solo exhibition opening March 9, 2013 at A Project Space in Seattle. She currently resides in Seattle.




Ryan Fedyk’s innovative animation techniques create dynamic cinematographic spaces for his surreal narratives. In these films solitary protagonists struggle to find meaningful human connections and make sense of kafkaesque surroundings. Fedyk will present Travesty City, an animated story about a waiter who files his role “with style and precision” on e4c. Travesty City describes the disconnect between personal life and work life. How does identity transition between the two and how do we value each independently. Fedyk created this work using cell animation, paper cut-out animation and computer generated imagery.

Ryan Fedyk is a motion graphics designer and independent animator. Fedyk has written, directed and animated a series of five short films including Travesty City. These films have screened in festivals in New York, Phoenix, Washington DC, Seattle, Australia, and the UK. Ryan is currently a senior motion designer for VML in Seattle, WA. His independent production studio continues to collaborate with artists, musicians and composers worldwide. He has an MPhil in 2d3d Motion Graphics from the Glasgow School of Art.

Media artwork by Burns and Fedyk will join the following selected artists on e4c:

  • Dane Picard
  • Joana Stillwell
  • Dakota Gearhart
  • Ellen Dicola
  • Zack Bent
  • C Andrew Rohrmann
  • Ron Lambert
  • Nichole Rathburn
  • Ellen Lake & Chris Green
  • George Lee
  • Evertt Beidler
  • Salise Hughes

E4c consists of four, large LCD monitors adjacent to Gallery4Culture at 101 Prefontaine Pl S, Seattle WA 98104 at the corner of Third and Prefontaine. e4c exhibits can be viewed from the street 7:00 am – 10:00 pm, daily.