Meet our Staff: Heidi Jackson

Heidi Jackson, Courtesy of Heidi Jackson
Heidi Jackson, Courtesy of Heidi Jackson

Heidi Jackson

Touring Arts Roster Coordinator

Heidi works with Doreen Mitchum in coordinating our Touring Arts Roster Program, a curated roster of more than 150 performers across a wide variety of disciplines, which offers both visibility to artists and a resource for potential presenters.

Despite a BA in Music Performance from Macalester College, Heidi prefers to work behind the scenes. Post-graduation, she spent a decade in New York City working for and being mentored by internationally-renowned percussionist/composer Max Roach. Heidi has cultivated a gift for working with creative people. Her artistic personality and professional depth of knowledge make her an approachable resource for performers and artists.

Heidi has worked to streamline the process for applications and make the roster more accurate, up-to-date and better accessible – all while providing support for artists. She’ll will work with Doreen to further efforts for increased marketing of the roster talent to a broader pool of presenters and identifying artist development needs; hoping to implement support workshops and find ways to connect artist to useful opportunities.

Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the daughter of health-conscious urban-growers, Heidi is passionate about access to good food. As a mother, she’s been able to pass her knowledge on to her two daughters Celina (a freshman at Stanford University this fall) and Kaela (a sophomore at Garfield High School).

To Heidi, the basic role of an arts and heritage agency is to foster the community it serves. But, she says “an important aspect of accomplishing that is to know your community and their needs”, to be adaptable and dynamic. She admires 4Culture’s commitment to addressing the needs of King County’s diverse and rapidly-growing cultural community.

If you could know only one thing about Heidi, she’d want to tell you: “Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness.”