New on e4c: Works by Leena Joshi and Tess Martin

Our e4c screens bring dynamic media art to an urban audience on the go. Adjacent to Gallery4Culture and visible from the street and sidewalk on Prefontaine Place South, e4c features new works every month from media artists around the country. Here’s what you’ll find entering the rotation starting First Thursday, April 6:

Leena Joshi. Prophet/Profit TV, 2017. Video still.

Leena Joshi
Prophet/Profit TV

Prophet/Profit TV is a variety show in two episodes. The series presents vignettes and portraits created within an imagined reality where the work exists as part of mainstream television media. The episodes make use of text, performance, pop culture tropes, and non-linear narrative to serialize the artist’s understanding of “otherness” in American visual culture as well as engage the systemic cling to patriarchal and white supremacist structures within mainstream storytelling. By reimagining her experience of television, film, music video, and news media, Prophet/Profit TV renders an alternative critical and theoretic image universe.

About the Artist: Leena Joshi is a visual artist and writer born to Indian immigrants. Her writing and art practice explore the relationship between the changing self and its environment through negotiations of text, image, music, performance, and installation, with a focus on feminist, anti-colonial, and immigrant ideation. Recent work includes solo Vignettes exhibition Home Island Bye Bye, inclusion in Out of Sight, a review of Pacific Northwest art, and video work at the ICA London exhibition Zayn Malik Zindabad. Her writing and poetry has been published by La Norda Specialo, Pacifica Literary Review, Poor Claudia, and bluestockings magazine, among others.

Tess Martin. They Look Right Through You, 2017. Video Still.

Tess Martin
They Look Right Through You

Whether a cat person or a dog person, you probably think you have a relationship with your pet. But does your pet feel the same way? Do we know how our animals see us? Or are our relationships with them ultimately a leap of faith? This animated short uses interviews to explore the extent and limitations of human-pet relationships, and how we communicate, feel for and understand each other.

About the Artist: Tess Martin is an independent animator who works with cut-outs, ink, paint, sand or objects. Her most recent award-winning film is ‘The Lost Mariner’, an animated interpretation of an Oliver Sacks case study, and her most recent music video was created for the song ‘Oh My‘ by the the Australian band The Animators. Her films have displayed at galleries and festivals worldwide. In addition to her personal and commissioned work, Tess is also passionate about animation community. She has run and moderated the monthly Manifest Animation Show & Tell events in Rotterdam since October 2014 and she is the director of Haptic Animation Amplifier, a non-profit that helps support and distribute animation from the Pacific Northwest.

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