on e4c: native experience, creative expression


e4c, 4Culture’s storefront gallery for electronic art is proud to present two media works by Longhouse Media.

Unreserved, is an intimate profile of Pacific Northwest artist and activist, Louie Gong (Nooksack, Squamish, Chinese, French and Scottish). In this documentary, Gong speaks about his artwork, a blend of Coast Salish with Vans, a popular skateboard shoe.  Raised in a rural farmhouse in Canada before moving to live on a small reservation in Washington, Gong grew interested in identity and “walking in multiple worlds.” Longhouse Media captures his fascinating story about how he developed this hip, contemporary artwork, which honors his Native roots.

Also featured, Two Worlds – Inside Out, is an intergenerational production made by mentors from Longhouse Media and youth from SuperFly 2010. Two Worlds – Inside Out shows young people slowing disclosing their identities  –  both contemporary and traditional. Young people use poetry, dance, music and sport to share their challenge of living in two worlds.

The vision of Longhouse Media, is to serve as an indigenous media arts organization that nurtures the expression and development of Native artists, drawing from traditional and modern forms of storytelling, cultural identity, teaching and inquiry, based in the technologies of today.

Photo © 2010 Longhouse Media, Unreserved (Louie Gong), Video (still).
Courtesy of Longhouse Media