Online Oral Histories Added

News from a Heritage Special Projects recipient

This week the Issaquah History Museums (IHM) announced publication of one of its most significant collections, a set of oral histories dating from 1958 to 1993. The oral histories provide first-hand accounts from the era when Issaquah was a booming coal town, with most of the speakers born between 1890 and 1916. Museum Director Erica S. Maniez said, “Reading through some of the transcripts is like opening a time capsule. We know all the black-and-white facts about early Issaquah, but the personal memories expressed in these recordings add color and detail to those facts.”

The vintage oral history collection began as a box full of cassette tapes recorded between 1958 and 1993. Although these recordings had been in the collection for more than 15 years (and much longer, in some cases), there was little information available on the contents of each recording. IHM staff members set out to preserve and stabilize the recordings by transferring them to digital format. Following that, they transcribed and cataloged each recording and made the collection searchable through the organization’s Digital Collections. Peruse the oral history transcripts at This project was made possible through support from 4Culture’s Heritage Special Projects program.

For more information about the IHM’s oral history archives call (425) 392-3500 or email