Reminder: Site Specific Proposals Due

Rulon Brown on the Sammamish River. Photo © Ron Brown 2014, courtesy of the artist.
Rulon Brown on the Sammamish River. Photo © Ron Brown 2014, courtesy of the artist.

Propose a Creative Project for Historic Site(s) Specific 

Deadline for application is October 8, 2014 at 5:00 PM

The summer is officially over and this year’s deadline to propose a collaborative project with a historic site in King County is fast approaching. So far this year Site Specific has sponsored a biochar installation on Cougar Mountain; presented Butoh at two historic railway stations; celebrated the Sammamish Slough with installations, workshops and musical performances; screened a film on the history of Enumclaw; filled Washington Hall with music from its past; and supported stone masonry masters at Kubota Gardens. We are looking forward to Redmond’s Moonshine tours and South King County’s celebration of the telegraph sesquicentennial along Military Road. All of these projects were the result of dynamic collaborations between historic sites and visionary creatives – and we fully expect next year’s funded projects to be equally adventurous, surprising and ambitious.

Consider applying for Historic Site(s) Specific programming for the coming year.

Eligibility for collaborators is open to:

  • Individuals and organizations residing in or located in King County, Washington.
  • Creative projects of all artistic disciplines including but not limited to: theater, music, dance, film or media, literature, visual art, sculpture, design, or installation.
  • Projects which have a dynamic relationship to the specific history and/or architecture of the site.

A historic site is defined as:

  • Designated King County or Interlocal City Landmarks, or
  • Designated City of Seattle Landmarks, or
  • Included in 4Culture’s Destination Heritage Guide series, or
  • Included in 4Culture’s Inventory of Historic Halls, or
  • Managed by heritage museums or historical organizations, or
  • Determined by 4Culture to be historically and/or architecturally significant. (Applicants are encouraged to contact 4Culture staff before submitting a proposal.)

Browse the Historic Sites Roster and get in touch with the Site Stewards to talk over your ideas. Questions? Email Charlie Rathbun or call him up at 206.296.8675