SB 5958 would fund art and heritage programs through 4Culture


UPDATED May 12, 4:00: Apologies for any confusion the last 36 hours with our post from yesterday (below). Bills have been introduced, withdrawn, had their name changed, have links on the site, that later don’t work etc.  Things change quickly in Olympia, and we will continue to do our best to let you know any breaking news as soon as we know. As of this afternoon, the new bill SB 5958 sponsored by Senator Scott White is once again showing up on the state legislative site. We also saw that a previous bill from Regular Session SB 5834 was moved to the floor by the Senate Rules Committee.

Even having been at this seven years, we don’t always know what it means when we see new or moving bills. Especially during special session… But what we can say is that any action on these bills is a signal that leadership in the State Legislature are still working on this issue. We will let you know as we know more as soon as we can.

UPDATED May 11, 4:00: We understand the bill SB 5958 is being updated. The link below has been removed from the legislative website. Check back for more public information.

This afternoon, we received word that the Washington State Senate has dropped a new bill that includes future funding for 4Culture’s programs. SB 5958, sponsored by Senator Scott White, would provide ”economic development by funding tourism promotion, workforce housing, art and heritage programs, and community development.”

The full bill can be viewed on the bill page, but the sections that pertain to 4Culure’s future funding are drafted as follows:

  • Allows the spend-down of the 4Culture endowment between 2013-2020;
  • Provides an additional $1 million in 2012 and $2 million annually from 2013 to 2020;
  • Allocates 32.5% of lodging taxes for arts and heritage beginning in 2021.

If passed into law by the state senate and house of representatives during the special session this year, this bill would allow for the continuation of the programs of 4Culture.

Quaale Rasmus Log House, courtesy of Harvey and Lisa Blanchard
2008 Landmark Rehabilitation recipient