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Artist W. Scott Trimble selected for Eastside Rail Corridor NE 8th Street Crossing Project

4Culture and King County Parks and Trails partner on public art for busy Eastside intersection


4Culture and King County Parks and Trails partner on public art for this busy intersection.
As an artist, fabricator and cyclist, Trimble brings energy and his unique perspective to the project. The new bridge will work as a connector for trails on the Eastside and be a gateway for pedestrian and cyclists.

Full Release

This fall, artist W. Scott Trimble will begin working with the project design team to create art integrated with the NE 8th Street Crossing project. The crossing will be a bicycle/pedestrian bridge over NE 8th Street in Bellevue, WA, providing a vital trail link on the Eastside Rail Corridor and safe access to Sound Transit’s Wilburton light rail station for pedestrians.

The bridge will connect trails on the Eastside from North to South and will act as a gateway for pedestrians and cyclists. Trimble will be working closely with the project design team to integrate art that has visual impact and is thoughtful of the site and its prominent context in Bellevue. As a cyclist, he will bring an understanding of how the trail is used and consider its proximity to the Wilburton Trestle.

W. Scott Trimble is a Seattle based artist who creates sculptural work for galleries, museums, and public space. His work often explores the built environment and considers how one can physically change their interaction with site and place.

Trimble’s fresh perspective and inventive attitude will bring an exciting approach to this unique project.

Selected works by Scott Trimble