shoreline city hall artwork dedicated

Shoreline City Hall is open for business. A celebration to mark the building’s completion took place on September 10th. Two permanent art pieces were created for an exterior courtyard and the main lobby. Artists Linda Beaumont and Leo Saul Berk were selected for these projects from 4Culture’s Artist Registry and project artwork was managed by 4Culture during fabrication and installation.

Beaumont’s work, Limelight, serves as a backdrop for the outdoor, multi-purpose amphitheater and green space:

Linda Beaumont

The piece draws on her memories growing up near Shoreline when the native dogwoods were so prolific. The work is a four-story mural painted directly onto the aluminum metal panels of the building façade using special paint that adheres well to this specific surface and has an extremely hard finish, keeping maintenance to a minimum. While the dogwood mural will create a spring-like atmosphere year-round, the courtyard will become an especially inviting space when the dogwood trees adjacent to the mural are in bloom.

Leo Berk rode his bike into Shoreline on the Interurban Trail, visited the Shoreline Historical Museum and was fascinated by the story of Shoreline’s 14-neighborhoods that officially incorporated into a city in 1995. Cloud Bank, his suspended sculpture located in the main lobby includes 14 independent shapes that coalesce into one intricate form, serving as a visual metaphor for the City’s creation and the independent and collaborative nature of the original neighborhoods.


Leo Berk

The acrylic material used in the piece is translucent and lightly tinted, catching and focusing light at the edges of the piece for a strong, shifting accent of deep color.

The permanent artworks compliment a planned Gallery program that will feature exhibitions by regional artists on a rotating basis.

Linda Beaumont, Limelight, 2009 © Linda Beaumont
Leo Berk, Cloud Bank, 2009 © Leo Berk