Site-Specific 2012 Announced

Lullaby for Dottie Harper Park, Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders © 2011 Michael Brunk/
Lullaby for Dottie Harper Park, Lucia Neare’s Theatrical Wonders © 2011 Michael Brunk/

In 2012, look out for art where you least expect it

The 2012 Site-Specific program will bring innovative performances and installations to alternative and non-traditional settings throughout King County. In partnership with the network of Local Arts Agencies, potential sites may include storefronts, parks, city streets, historic sites, libraries, and other urban and rural settings as well as nontraditional uses of existing arts facilities.

This year’s series will include 27 projects that span the four corners of King County from Auburn, to Vashon Island, to Shoreline, to the City of Snoqualmie.

A full list of the selected projects can be found here. Highlights include:

  • Artist Jason Puccinelli will partner with the Kirkland Arts Center to produce a light installation along the Kirkland waterfront that will be visible from Seattle, creating a cultural connection between Seattle and the Eastside.
  • Seattle playwright Keri Healey will work with the Mary Olsen Farm in Auburn to create an interactive theater production based on the true story of outlaw Harry Tracy’s legendary hostage-taking event at the farm in 1902.
  • Street artist NKO and the mural painting group Heavy Type will create a new mural, with support from the Capital Hill Housing Foundation.
  • Digital artist Reilly Donovan, with support from the Redmond Arts Commission, will create an interactive digital installation for downtown Redmond that gives individuals a new way of participating in their daily routines.
  • Artist Tory Franklin will exhibit a cast of intricately painted figures loosely based on fairy-tales and children’s toy theaters of the Victorian Era in a Renton storefront.


Site Specific is supported with a grant from the Local Arts Agency Program of the National Endowment for the Arts.