events: sustainable film, ozone and magic

Three terrific Individual Artist Projects events are happening this week. Take your pick and enjoy!


Megan Griffiths
The Off Hours – 4Culture Green Event
December 15, 2010, 4-6pm
Northwest Film Forum

The Off Hours and the Sustainable Style Foundation (SSF) will be co-hosting a Strategy Salon. We will use The Off Hours as a case study and discuss ways in which future productions can run their sets in a more environmentally and socially conscious manner.The Off Hours is the first film to be granted the SSFTag in recognition of their sustainable practices. The film will be premiering at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

Allan Packer
The Ozone Room
December 17 & 18, 2010, 7:30pm
Annex Theatre
Suggested Donation

The Ozone Room brings together – for the first time – the two halves of Seattle-based artist Allan Packer’s multi-year conceptual quest, blending painting and sculpture, movement, lighting and sound, science, technology and film in an ozone-rich atmosphere created by the Tesla coil. Fantasy and time travel, science and mathematics, nature and the environment, the survival of life in seemingly impossible situations – the installation speaks on multiple levels.  Viewer perceptions of time, space and perspective blur as film becomes painting becomes real time action.

Kyle Loven
Crandal’s Bag
December 16-20, 2010, 7:30pm
Washington Ensemble Theatre

Crandal collects the undesirable. Making it disappear is his craft. But when a surprising find shakes his routine, Crandal must prepare to conjure the impossible. Objects, puppets, shadows, and music curiously combine in this one-man show.

© 2010 Megan Griffiths, The Off Hours (Still)