the studio protector: artist-designed & artist tested

Petteri Sulonen

The fabulous folks at Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF) have created The Studio Protector, the first-ever artists’ disaster readiness and survival toolkit. The Studio Protector is an information toolkit to help artists be disaster ready and disaster resilient. It is a self-help resource, geared for artists at all career levels. Working artists have been involved in every step of the design and testing of this toolkit. While there are many other resources for emergency preparedness, The Studio Protector focuses on information that is relevant to artists and the realities of the studio environment.

The Studio Protector has two components:
The Wall Guide – an easy to use, calendar-sized reference tool with checklists of the most essential information for emergency preparation and response. The design is engaging, decidedly low-tech, and functional before, during, and after an emergency. Priced at $16.00

The Online Guide – a companion multi-media digest with supplementary information to help artists tailor their readiness efforts to their particular circumstances, to assist them craft an effective response to an emergency if it occurs, and to speed recovery.

The Studio Protector is the first product of the Coalition for Artists’ Preparedness and Emergency Response, a national task force dedicated to ensuring a national safety net for artists, and the organizations that serve them, before, during and after disasters. CERF is the lead sponsor of the Coalition, and the creator of the Studio Protector.

You can purchase a copy locally through Artist Trust. A great gift for artists!

Photo: Petteri Sulonen