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Allison Shirk Band




Allison Shirk and her stellar band of local musicians blend Country Roots with the emotional honesty of Rock & Roll. The grit and warmth of her voice supports poetic, personal lyrics that give listeners a sense of her authenticity.

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Allison Shirk, © by Marla Smith Photography


“Break My Heart is tender and heartbreaking and joyful and soulful…just amazing.”
– Olivia Burley (fan)

“Her voice sounds fantastic. The songs are compelling and cool.”
– Ian Moore (musician)

“A great listen, engaging songs and performances.”
– RFI Mastering

“We are pulling out all the stops for this show with one kick-ass local band that is quickly on the rise and our old friends, Hillstomp……if you can’t make it to this show, you better have a damn good reason.”
– Pete Welch (booking agent)




Educational Program Available
Minimum Performance Fee: $250