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OKA Amnesia

Experimental audiovisual performance


Experimental audiovisual performance

Ambrosia Bardos is a multimedia artist performing under the name Morher, who uses vocalization, biometric data and analog sound manipulation to create improvisational work. Their artwork is a vessel for liminal spaces of communion.

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OKA Amnesia, © 2017 by De-Evolutionary Photography


An 11-minute incantation from a scary void, goodgirlnicehooker finds [Bardos] forming a cracked, mosaic out of her haunting, desolate voice, which recalls both Dead Can Dance’s Lisa Gerrard and Somei Satoh circa Mandara Trilogy. The subliminal, slow-motion vortex of muffled heartbeats and metallic striations offers perfect accompaniment to this ceremony of damnation.
– Dave Segal (The Stranger)



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