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Azahar Flamenco

Flamenco Music and Dance


Flamenco Music and Dance

Featuring dancers accompanied by guitar, percussion and singing, ourwork ranges from playful to passionate. Azahar Flamenco taps Andalucían tradition and modern influences to bring an energetic and living flamenco to contemporary audiences.

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Azahar Flamenco, © by TinaGrasdal Creative 2015


Over the last few years, Daniela Serrano has worked as my Assistant Director with La Peña, and has also actively developed her own performance group, Azahar Flamenco. She currently performs with her group at many venues in the greater Seattle area, with some of the finest local flamenco dancers, singers and guitarists.She presents a fully developed, authentic presentation, beautifully choreographed and costumed. Azahar Flamenco, directed by Daniela Serrano, will be a wonderful asset to the touring arts program.
– Rubina Carmona (principal vocalist-dancer, Carmona Flamenco)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200