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Meredith Connie

Solo Classical and Latin Guitar


Solo Classical and Latin Guitar

Meredith Connie is a charming, charismatic performer offering thoughtful programs of classical guitar. Focusing on areas as broad as the playful dance rhythms of Latin music, to music of the twentieth century that has a narrative; her introductions and discussions are always a complimentary part of performances.

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Meredith Connie, © 2013 by Miebeth Bustillo


“I thoroughly enjoyed hearing you perform. It was great fun and I hope to attend another such concert soon. Thanks for a lovely hour of beautiful music!”
– Viriginia Ryan (President of the Seattle Classic Guitar Society)

“Meredith’s charm as she explains the origins of each piece complements the elegance of her performance. Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed a lovely evening of classical guitar.”
– Corene McDaniel (Concert Organizer, Timberland Regional Library)

“You play with great energy and spirit, and with a real understanding of the music. I’m really honored to have such a performance of my piece included on your recording.”
– Andrew Earle Simpson (composer and Division Head of Theory-Composition of the Catholic University of America)


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