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Miz Floes & The Jazzy Sol Band

Melodic, Floetic, Jazzy and Smooth


Melodic, Floetic, Jazzy and Smooth

Miz Floes is a spoken word artist, actress, and vocalist. Her literary work includes poetry to staged theater productions. Miz has published a book of poetry I’m Still Growing, Vol. 1 and co-authored a Spoken Word magazine at The Blackmail Press.

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Miz Floes, 2018, photo by Chriz.


Floes’ mature, steady approach and smooth lyrics are suited for a more sophisticated audience. The band does not overpower her voice and her talent is not bound to one style.
– Teresa Castillo (Colors NW Magazine)

Her poetry is refreshing, informative, intellectual, funny, and the list goes on.
Every poem within her collection is prolific in its own right. Her use of rhyme and intellect are ingenious!
– Doug Poole (Blackmail Press)



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200
Negotiable, Nonprofit Discount