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Recess Monkey

High-Energy, Hysterical and Eclectic Songs for All


High-Energy, Hysterical and Eclectic Songs for All

Dubbed as one of the country's "Top 5 Kindie Bands" (Time Out New York), this high-energy trio of Indie-Rock elementary school teachers simply capture the fun of being young. Seamlessly meshing authentic musical roots with their keen awareness of childhood themes, Recess Monkey has found the perfect balance.

Recess Monkey_Kevin Fry ©2015
Recess Monkey, © 2015 by Kevin Fry


Recess Monkey’s performances exceed our expectations in engaging, entertaining and educating our patrons. The shows’ fast pace and energetic nature kept our patrons involved from beginning to end.
– Cate Padgett (Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts)

Recess Monkey owns the stage they stand on! Over-delivering, pouring energy, enthusiasm and passion at the audience. The fun they have is contagious. Watching the kids engage as Jack, Drew and Korum rock out on stage is magic.Every show was a fully packed explosion of adrenaline, suspense and silliness. The band members fuel each other, creating a party-like experience, one not to be missed!
– Markus Kunz (Teatro ZinZanni, Seattle)

These kids’ songs are awesome! There are bands youcan’t go wrong with, and this is one of them.
– USA Today

If Seattle is the new bastion of kindie rockers, then the trio of elementary school teachers are the city’s breakout stars.
– Time Magazine



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $500 - $1200