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Rik Wright

Progressive Jazz


Progressive Jazz

Rik Wright's Fundamental Forces is an innovative collective known for genre-bending performances. Blending World Beat, Rock, and a touch of Jam Band with the core of Jazz, their forward thinking arrangements create a groove that allures listeners at every turn.

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Rik Wright, © by Steve Kennedy-Williams


Wright’s music is innovative, paving a path of his own making through the jazz kaleidoscope. Eclectic sounding with a flair for the exotic, Fundamental Forces is artistically imaginative and ventures into synthesizing a breed of blues, bebop, and rock that expands the public’s perception of jazz.

The sweet sound of a walk through life’s landscapes, seascapes and dreamscapes… exquisite displays of precise melody, lush harmony and lockstep rhythm.
– Jazz Times

Wright can fool you into thinking world one minute, rock the next, a touch of new age and back to the core of jazz… Nicely done.
– Midwest Record Review

Here we have a rare intersection of very accessible and very original jazz. Melodic, a bit funky, often beautiful.
– KFJC 89.7 FM

Rik Wright takes classic jazz and heaps on piles of influences from across the musical spectrum, helping to perk up the ears of those tired of the same old swing.
– The Oregonian



Educational Program Available
Performance Fee: $250 - $500