two national artists launch animated videos on e4c

This February, 4Culture is please to feature two new videos by artists Brit Bunkley and Jonathan Monaghan. Their works will be added to e4c’s rotation for the next 12 months.

Bunkley_FleecedBrit Bunkley has continued developing his work Floral & Fleeced for e4c. This video integrates 3D animation and actual footage, which creates surreal scenes. Bunkley writes “The computer has been a natural vehicle for creating my artwork, not only as a tool for the design and dimensioning of sculpture, but as a means towards creating virtual sculpture, photography and digital video. It is my intention that the computer output function by creating and manipulating virtual and actual photorealistic images, video and objects that are convincing and unsettling.

E4C1Jonathan Monaghan Caught in a Bad Romance is an animated video that depicts animal forms and elements, many referring to symbols of institutional power, enacting metaphorical movements and processes such as a creature-like form continuously eating itself or a dead lamb in the grip of a talon.  However everything is pink, candy-like, sleek and surreal; a strange dichotomy, somewhere between a meditation on power and Lady GaGa.

© 2010, Jonathan Monaghanon, Floral & Fleeced, video still.
© 2010, Brit Bunkley, Caught in a Bad Romance, video still.