Vets Restore

Repainting project, Boylston Ave House on First Hill © 2011, courtesy of Historic Seattle
Repainting project, Boylston Ave House on First Hill © 2011, courtesy of Historic Seattle

Connecting Veterans with Places back Home

4Culture is delighted to announce the launch of Vets Restore, an initiative that offers training, mentoring, and job placement guidance for returning vets in preservation carpentry.

About 1000 military men and women are returning to King County each year.  They are separating from service in Iraq and Afghanistan, and looking for meaningful work that takes their military experience into account.  Some veterans already have skills in the construction trades; others are searching for a new career that’s challenging and valued in the community.

What if we could introduce these veterans to the craft of preserving old buildings – bringing new life to America’s vintage houses, schools, depots, churches, and halls?  Serving on a team with a mission to save historic places may help vets establish new connections that anchor them back home.  The work of historic preservation rebuilds community – and could be an effective prescription for rebuilding young lives.


Each of our initiative partners is making a critical contribution. They include:

  • Seattle Central Community College At its state-of-the-art Wood Technology Center, SCCC will offer a new, 18 credit short-term certificate in remodel and preservation, with an option to pursue an AAS degree or Certificate in Carpentry.
  • King County Veterans Program Eligible veterans will receive case management, tuition navigation support, stipends for carpentry tools and gear, transportation assistance, employment guidance and a paid internship in the field of preservation and remodel carpentry.
  • Historic Seattle With its large portfolio of local historic buildings, Historic Seattle will contribute hands-on, practical, real-world job experience at active project construction sites.


Vets Restore

As the architect of Vets Restore, 4Culture provides overall support to this collaborative partnership.  We are also actively recruiting construction industry partners who want to engage with veterans and help move the initiative forward.

Are you a vet?  Interested in finding out more?  Contact: Candice Corey, King County Veterans’ Program, at 206.205.3567

For general information on the Vets Restore program, contact: Flo Lentz, Preservation 4Culture, at (206) 296-8682 or Heather Dwyer, Arts 4Culture at (206) 296-8676