Video: Kirkland Performance Center has a brand new stage


Change the look and feel your theater? Easy peasy. Check out this fun video of Kirkland Performance Center’s brand spanking new stage extension. 4Culture funded this project through our Arts Facilities Capital program in 2012. We’re excited to start our funding cycle all over again right after the first of the year in all Arts, Heritage and Preservation programming, with projects. Catch a performance in Kirkland this season or in 2014. It’s a great facility that just got better.


Kirkland Performance Center first proposed a removable stage extension nearly ten years ago to be able to convert our 402-seat theatre into an even more intimate 336-seat house, where the stage runs right into the front row. With the newly completed stage extension in place, we can provide a dance floor for artists and patrons, create an easily accessible mingling space, or allow for smaller acts to have a space where they won’t be swallowed up by the size and shape of the full auditorium. It took a month to construct offsite and nearly three weeks to build and make final adjustments here at home. It takes four hours to put in place, making it an easy installation for presented shows or rentals.

-Dave Bander, Kirkland Performance Center