wanted: bicycle for combat paper

Have a bicycle we can borrow to make paper from military uniforms?

4Culture’s Site Specific program in partnership with the Renton Municipal Arts Commission, Pratt Fine Arts Center and the King County Veterans Program proudly hosts Combat Paper, for their first visit to the Northwest.

Combat Paper is an arts organization that utilizes the traditional hand papermaking techniques to work with populations that have survived trauma due to conflict. Based in Vermont, they travel the United States to conduct workshops for civilians and veterans, which teach the craft of transforming cloth and military uniforms into works of art including, handmade paper, prints and books.

Combat Paper will be making two public demonstrations in Seattle and Renton in early May. They can operate their portable Hollander beater (to make pulp from fabric) with the human power on a bicycle. We need a bike (any type) that can be supported on an indoor bike stands that still allow for riding and pedaling. They will need to remove the rubber from the rear tire and run the belt to the beater from it.  If you have a bike we can borrow for the month of May, please let us know!