WANTED: Historic Sites for Historic Site(s) Specific 2014

Staci Bernstein, If These Walls Could Talk © 2012 Becka Brebner Photography
Staci Bernstein, If These Walls Could Talk © 2012 Becka Brebner Photography

Historic sites are coming alive again in 2014 with Historic Site(s) Specific.

4Culture’s Arts, Heritage, and Preservation programs are accepting applications through 5PM PDT of May 15th, 2013, for historic sites and designated landmarks in King County to be included in the 2014 Historic Site(s) Specific series. Through this initiative, 4Culture seeks to increase the role of art in strengthening our county residents’ sense of history and place, and inspire our creative community to engage with the stories that define us as individuals and as a culture.

In recent years, Site Specific programs have included historical performances at Masonic lodges, heritage gardens, the Saar Pioneer Cemetery in Kent, the Neely Mansion and Mary Olson Farm in Auburn and a contemporary arts festival throughout the entire Moore Theatre building in downtown Seattle. Based on the rousing success of these ventures, 4Culture is happy to extend the opportunity for King County historic sites to be a part of this exciting program. Apply to host a creative collaboration at your facility.

For more information and to apply to be a site for the 2014 Historic Site(s) Specific program, please visit the application page. Guidlines and more information can be found here. To view the Roster of Sites for last year, please click here.