Welcoming New Heritage Lead Brian J. Carter


In March 2016, Brian J. Carter joined the 4Culture staff to lead the Heritage Program following the retirement of Eric Taylor. We are thrilled that Brian agreed to accept this position.

We first got to know Brian when he served as the Deputy Director and Head Curator at the Northwest African American Museum (NAAM) in Seattle. Brian joined 4Culture’s Heritage Advisory Committee in 2008 and served on that body until he accepted the position of Museum Director of the Oregon Historical Society in 2012. Brian returned to Seattle in 2014 to accept the position of Director of Interpretation at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. Brian is currently on the board of the Association of African American Museums, holds an undergraduate degree in History from Stanford University, and a Masters in Museum Studies from the University of Washington.

Brian becomes only the third person in thirty-five years to lead the Heritage Program in King County. The experience he brings to this position makes him uniquely qualified to steer the heritage program to new heights in the coming years. Local history museums play an important role in defining a community’s sense of place—history museum professionals steward artifacts, stories, documents and, in some cases, historic buildings with the help of volunteers. The goal of 4Culture’s Heritage Program is to provide training in best practices, technical assistance for capacity building, exhibit design and implementation, financial management, building membership and support, and much more to dedicated museum professionals and volunteers.

Cities and towns in King County should embrace their local history museums, sharing their stories with new residents who are flocking to our region. Each suburban or rural community has a story about their town, its original indigenous inhabitants, its settlers, and its business activity that is different from their neighboring communities. They make King County interesting.

Say hello to Brian when you see him. He’s a font of great ideas that will advance the field.

Jim Kelly