You Are Invited: Kyle Loven & Dayna Hanson

Dayna Hanson, The Clay Duke, Performance photograph © 2013 Pierre Borasci
Dayna Hanson, The Clay Duke, Performance photograph © 2013 Pierre Borasci

Two amazing opportunities to see local contemporary artists and their latest works. 4Culture is a proud supporter of The Clay Duke by Danya Hanson and Moon Show 143 by Kyle Loven. Enjoy!


Kyle Loven: Moon Show 143

Saturday, November 23, 2013 – 3:00-4:00 pm

Kyle Loven’s Studio, 2114 Western Ave. Seattle, WA


Creator Kyle Loven, along with Director Nick Hubbard and Composer Paurl Walsh will present an hour-long discussion and showcase of the creation of Moon Show 143, a live performance that has performed in Seattle and Minneapolis and was made through the generous support of 4Culture’s Art Projects program. Attendees will hear about the creation of the piece from various collaborators and will be able to ask questions about the work. Kyle will additionally showcase puppets used in the production, speaking on aesthetic, manipulation, and construction.  This event is open to the public but due to the nature of the building, please e-mail Kyle to confirm your attendance


Dayna Hanson: The Clay Duke

December 5- 8, 2013 – 8:00 PM

On The Boards, 100 W Roy St, Seattle, WA 98119

Tickets – $20

4Culture’s Art Projects supported Dayna Hanson’s creation of The Clay Duke, a dance/theater piece that blends details of a fateful school board meeting, Chekhovian suicide and Charles Bronson’s on-screen vigilantism. Hanson’s idiosyncratic choreography, found text and original music combine to explore the last moments of a Florida man whose warped logic drove him to seek revenge. Featuring a stellar cast of notable local performers including: Wade Madsen, Sarah Rudinoff, Dave Proscia, Peggy Piacenza and Thomas Graves of Austin-based Rude Mechs.