you're not just a number

4Culture joins with Americans for the Arts in urging all individual artists and arts organizations to register online for a free Dun & Bradstreet number—or if they already have a D&B number, to ensure that they are accurately coded as an arts-related business.

Dun & Bradstreet is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive source for statistical business information in the United States. They provide specific data about arts-related employment and the number of arts-centric businesses in both nonprofit and for-profit arts sectors. Local and national arts organizations have found that many arts organizations and arts-based businesses are not currently registered with Dun & Bradstreet.

Why should we care? Government and business leaders often make decisions based upon their numbers. Americans for the Arts uses Dun & Brastreet data to produce the Creative Industries: Business & Employment in the Arts report, a study of the nonprofit and for-profit arts-related businesses in the US. In 2008, their report revealed that roughly 612,095 arts businesses employed 2.98 million people. By signing up and being counted, we can inform government and business leaders that artists and arts organizations make substantial contributions to the national workforce. Sign up and be counted.

You’re not just a number, but sometimes you should be!