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“In the Trenches:” Historical Societies Respond to Development

The Wayne Apartments building, built in the 1880’s and home to Lava Lounge, Rocco’s Pizza and Neon Boots, was designated as a historic landmark but will not receive any protections. Photo courtesy of Friends of Historic Belltown.

As rapid development continues to affect every corner of King County, most public discussions focus on our future: where will newcomers live? Who will be able to afford to stay here? But as we plan for our future, we also need to consider how development affects our past. The historic buildings, spaces, and artifacts that have shaped our region are at risk of getting swept up and lost. We checked in with some of the experts—our friends at Seattle’s many neighborhood-based historical societies—for an on-the-ground look at how they’re responding to all this change.

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You’re Invited: SODO Track Open House

Low Bros, The Wire, 2016. SODO Track, Seattle, WA. Photo by @wiseknave.

What was once a two-mile stretch of industrial buildings is transforming into an urban art gallery of incredible murals, created by artists from King County and around the world. As we finish our third and final year of painting, celebrate with us! Enjoy drinks and bites, shop a SODO Track artist print show, catch a walking tour of the Track, and meet some of the artists:

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Thanking Deb Twersky

Deb Twersky, photo by Timothy Aguero Photograhpy.

Since announcing our longtime Executive Director Jim Kelly’s retirement in December 2017, our Board, Advisory Committees, and staff have been hard at work filling this essential role. It’s a daunting task, especially as we’ve contended with other big changes and new initiatives this year. 2018 has not been boring! As we get closer to selecting and announcing our new Executive Director, we’re taking a moment to put a spotlight on the person largely responsible for holding it all together: Deb Twersky.

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Guest Post: Telling Difficult Stories

Beyond Integrity is a group of preservation professionals and community advocates concerned with inequity in historic preservation practices in Seattle and King County. 4Culture has hosted and supported Beyond Integrity since 2014. Claudia Kiyama, a new member of our Historic Preservation Advisory Committee and a preservation architect who has been a part of the group since its inception, recently presented at the Revitalize WA conference, as part of a panel about “Telling Difficult Stories.” This post is a condensed version of her presentation.

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Help Us Improve Our Website!

Illustration by Eroyn Franklin.

Did you know that 4Culture manages the King County Public Art Collection? This incredible body of over 2,000 works includes sculptures, installations, portable pieces like photographs and paintings, and so much more—and you can find it all over King County. Currently, we share a small, curated selection of these works on our website. As part of our ongoing mission to make our website a great experience for everyone, we’d love to get your feedback on how we’re sharing this collection! If you’re interested in sharing your opinions with us, please fill out this short form, and we’ll get in touch with you.

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