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Guest Post: Beyond Integrity Intern Tera Williams

A 3-story, brick building is photographed from across the street. The building has bay windows on the 2nd and 3rd floors and a storefront with a sign reading "VAIN" on the ground floor. The building is surrounded by high rise buildings with glass windows.
Vain Building, Seattle, photo by Tera Williams, all rights reserved.

Through annual internships, we support research on King County historic properties to inform the work of our Beyond Integrity group—visit that page to explore the work of previous interns. This past year, intern Tera Williams tackled surveys and inventories, which are often the first step in identifying significant historic properties in an area. How do local survey methods line up with national standards? Here, she shares about her process and findings:

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Guest Post: 2019 Rural Heritage Interns

Photographed train tracks emerge from the foreground and extend through the frame. In the distance, children and adults walk across them, with bicycles laying on the ground to the left.
The Issaquah Valley Trolley project draws more than 4,000 visitors annually to the Issaquah Depot Museum. Trolley passengers can experience arrival at the Issaquah Depot in the same way Issaquahns did 100 years ago. (c) 2017, courtesy of Issaquah History Museums.

Our Rural Heritage Internship Program connects skilled interns with heritage organizations located outside of Seattle. In its second year, we have partnered with Des Moines Historical Society and Issaquah History Museum as the host sites of the internships. Three students from University of Washington Museology Graduate Program and Museum Studies Certificate Program started their internships in June 2019, and have been working on various projects such as evaluation, collections management, and public relations at their host sites. Here, we have asked them to share their experiences:

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Laura Elizabeth Becker Joins Public Art Team

Portrait of Laura Becker by Kelly Bjork.

In September we welcomed Laura Elizabeth Becker as Senior Project Manager in our Public Art Department. Laura has been a champion for arts and culture for nearly 20 years, producing public art projects in Seattle, Spokane, Santa Monica, Beaverton, and more—so we weren’t surprised when she opted to introduce herself via some of the artists she’s partnered with.

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“I Have This Idea”: Deb Twersky on 20 Years in Arts and Culture

Joshua Heim, left, steps into the role of Deputy Director at 4Culture as Deb Twersky, right, retires after 20 years. Phot by 4Culture staff, 2019.

It’s been a bittersweet month at 4Culture! After 20 years managing our funding programs Deputy Director Deb Twersky retired, leaving an incredible legacy of compassionate and expert support for cultural organizations in King County. Stepping into the role is Joshua Heim, who comes to us from the City of Bellevue’s Arts Program and Community Development Department. In the midst of reviewing budgets and project files as they passed the baton, the two sat down for a conversation to look back as well as forward. The edited transcript is below:

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Hey, We Funded That: Auburn’s Sutherland Store

Left: the Sutherland Store, near Auburn, during restoration in 2017. Right: Dolly Sutherland waves from the Sutherland Store, covered in snow, no date. Both photos courtesy of Marty Dickinson.

“We have lived a few blocks from the store for the last 15 years and have always wanted to see someone give this obvious piece of history the attention it deserves. ‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if someone fixed that up!’ we would say every time we drove by. We eventually thought that maybe that ‘someone’ could be us.”

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Youth-Centered Art Commissioned for the CFJC

Mural design for the King County Children and Family Justice Center by Jesse Brown, 2019.

Throughout the process of managing public art funds for the new Children and Family Justice Center, we’ve focused on supporting youth impacted by the facility and the juvenile justice system. Now, as we get closer to the building’s opening later this year, we’re sharing the ways in which the artists commissioned for work at the CFJC are doing the same.

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Explore the King County Arts Education Data Dashboard

S. Hong's Fishbones is one of the winners of the 2019 Superintendent's High School Art Show. Hong is a student at Decatur High School in Federal Way.

One of our 4Culture values is to meet communities where they are at as we work on building access to arts and culture. For the youth of King County, this largely means we need to meet them at school—how well are students able to engage with art as part of their education? We recently partnered with the Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction—OSPI—to learn more, starting with data. Now, we’re proud to share the King County Arts Education Data Dashboard!

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Guest Post: the Holocaust Center for Humanity on Dismantling Hate through Education

Governor Inslee signs Substitute Senate Bill No. 5612, April 19, 2019. Relating to Holocaust education. Primary Sponsor: Ann Rivers

The Holocaust Center for Humanity teaches the lessons of the Holocaust, inspiring students of all ages to confront bigotry and indifference, promote human dignity, and take action. In this guest post, Grants Manager and Communications Associate Sydney Dratel shares about the process of enacting change in education:

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