Poetry in Public: Places of Landing

Poems will replace advertising on public transit, enlivening commutes across King County.

Poetry in Public celebrates local voices by featuring poems written by King County residents in shared spaces. This year’s theme, Places of Landing, embraces the poetry of our daily lives. It honors the movements, places, and feelings that tell the stories of our days. Everyone can be a poet!

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Kasama, Kauban, Together

Adda kami idtoy-en.
Ano bang pangalan ko?
Ken... ana ti nagan mo?
Unsay tawag sa ato?
Minamahal ka nami.
Winds scatter seeds sa bahay;
Yet a sea of petals bloom.
We are with you sa buhay.

Together, Together, Together

We are here (Ilocano)
What is my name? (Tagalog)
And... What is your name? (Ilocano)
What do you call us? (Bisaya)
We love you (Tagalog)
Winds scatter seeds from home (Taglish)
Yet a sea of petals bloom. (English)
We are with you in life (Taglish)

Original language: Tagalog
Translated by: Poet

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