Building for Equity

Building for Equity is part of a joint initiative between 4Culture, Executive Dow Constantine, and the King County Council that will support cultural building projects and create a pathway to racial equity in our facilities funding.

Estelita's Library, 2022

About the Program

Building for Equity is a new model for our long-running Cultural Facilities grant program which provides a unique combination of funding, technical support, and strategic partnerships.

Who is this Program For?

Communities that have historically faced barriers to purchasing and stewarding cultural space are at the center of this program. Building for Equity is modeling a new facilities funding program aimed to create pathways toward a racially equitable cultural landscape throughout all corners of King County.
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Field Resources and Services

We support organizations implementing their facilities projects in ways that contribute to racial equity and equitable development. Issues of equity are different for every project and there are no cookie-cutter solutions. These resources are intended to be used as a starting point for you and your project team.
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If your organization is looking to secure, acquire, build or improve your cultural space and you need resources beyond these grants, we're here to help.
Maya Santos, Program Manager
(206) 263-0691

Lauren Miles, Support Specialist
(206) 263-3210


Building for Equity: Cultural Facilities

Postponed until 2025

Learn about Doors Open Facilities grants.
This grant helps organizations acquire, build, or renovate the buildings and spaces that make cultural experiences possible.
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Building for Equity: Project Development and Capacity Building

Postponed until 2025

This funding can help your organization meet your long-term facility needs.
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