Arc Artist Fellowship

Rent, childcare, transportation—everyday expenses too often prevent us from making art. Unrestricted funding can offset these costs, so you can spend your energy on your creative practice.

2018 © Eroyn Franklin

About Arc

The Arc Artist Fellowship provides unrestricted $12,000 awards for King County artists, as well as promotional support through the 4Culture website. Each year, current Fellows will help shape the next funding cycle.

Arc Artist Fellows

2021 Arc Artist Fellows
Diego Binuya, Mikhail Calliste, Monyee Chau, Joyee Runninghawk, Kayla Stokes, Saiyana Suzumura

2020 Arc Artist Fellows
Bernadette Merikle, E.T. Russian, Dani Tirrell, Anastacia-Reneé Tolbert, Storme Webber  


The deadline for this year is December 15, 5:00 pm PST

Heather Dwyer, (206) 263-1597
Melissa Newbill, (206) 263-1603