Arc Fellows

Arc Fellows

Meet our Arc Artist Fellows. They question, captivate, and transform our community.

2022 Fellows

Watch the Showcase and Celebration.

Gil Adame

Gil Adame is an ex-convict who uses his story and experience to help troubled youth and young adults change their lives through video.

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Natasha Alphonse

Natasha Alphonse is an Indigenous artist working in clay.

Neve Mazique-Bianco

NEVE is a dancer, a choreographer, an actor, and a multidisciplinary artist.

mario lemafa

mario (b.1990) is an artist, poet, and content producer.

Aiyana Reid

Aiyana Reid is a regalia maker and dancer.

Sondra Segundo

Sondra Segundo is a multi-faceted artist, an author & illustrator of Indigenous children’s books, and composes Haida songs and sings with tribal funk band, Khu’éex’.

2021 Fellows

Watch the Showcase and Celebration. Part 1 | Part 2

Di Binuya

Di Binuya is a non-binary Filipino multi-media artist and community organizer.

Mikhail Calliste

Mikhail Calliste is a Trinidadian dance artist and maker.

Monyee Chau

Monyee Chau is a contemporary Taiwanese, Chinese American artist who explores the journey of healing through decolonization and reconnecting with their roots and ancestors through a variety of mediums.

Joyee Runninghawk

Joyee Runninghawk is a mixed-media creator who honors her Black and Native roots through storytelling, photography, graphic design, clothing design, and paint techniques.

Kayla Stokes,

Kayla Stokes is writer, producer, director and storyteller who explores the lives of Black women from the past and present in order to imagine the future.

Saiyana Suzumura

Saiyana Suzumura creates visual art and designs clothing with the goal to liberate and empower community.

2020 Fellows

Watch the Showcase and Celebration.

Bernadette Merikle

Bernadette Merikle is a visual, sound, and performance artist.

E.T. Russian

E.T. RUSSIAN is a multi-sensory artist based in the Pacific Northwest and has been making zines, comics, video and installation art about disability, queerness, and life, since the mid-90s.

Dani Tirrell

Dani Tirrell is a dance artist, performer, choreogrpaher, and dance educator.

Anastacia-Reneé Tolbert

Anastacia-Renee is an award-winning cross-genre writer, educator, interdisciplinary artist, TEDX speaker and podcaster.

Storme Webber

Storme Webber is a Two Spirit Sugpiaq/Black/Choctaw poet and interdisciplinary artist.

2019 Fellows

Watch the Showcase and Celebration.

Anis Gisele

Anis Gisele writes about race, gender-expansiveness, violence, and accountable love.

Sadiqua Iman

Sadiqua creates art to reflect injustices while actively working to dismantle the oppressive systems that have perpetuated them.

Jesse Higman

This vessel animal is one we can travel with—to institutions and outlying areas where the deepest aspects of our generative humanity can be celebrated visually.

Artwork © 2019 Leah Gerrard.

Nic Masangkay

Nic Masangkay uses music and poetry to realize a better world.

Jake Prendez

Jake Prendez celebrates Chicanx and Indigenous cultures through activism, satire, social justice, and pop culture.

2018 Fellows

Watch the Showcase and Celebration.

Angel Alviar-Langley

Angel Alviar-Langley, aka Moonyeka, is a non-binary mixed Filipinx movement-based storyteller and pleasure practitioner

Earl Debnam

Earl Debnam’s drawings and paintings reflect a personal history of activism.

Tara Hardy

Advocate and writer Tara Hardy explores the impact of trauma and illness on our bodies and creative selves.

Mickey Rowe

Artist and activist Mickey Rowe is making positive change in theater.

All photos by Sunita Martini