Mission, Vision, Values


With a focus on racial equity, we fund, support, and advocate for culture to enhance the quality of life in King County.


We envision a vibrant county where culture is essential and accessible to all.


Culture is a right for all
The right to express and experience culture lies at the core of who we are individually and as a community. We protect and advance this right for everyone.

Culture is multifaceted
We focus our efforts on Public Art, Preservation, Heritage, and Arts to support the intersecting and evolving disciplines, forms, and places where culture is expressed and experienced.

Connectivity with communities
Communities hold past knowledge, current-day experience, and future vision. We work authentically with communities where they are to address issues they prioritize most.

We prioritize innovation and experimentation that meets the changing needs and unexpected opportunities within communities.

Good stewardship
We make fiscally responsible decisions through a transparent process involving the voices of peers from each discipline we serve.

Racial equity
We acknowledge that systemic inequity takes many forms—racism, sexism, ableism, transphobia, heterosexism, and more. Our focus on racial equity provides us with the tools we use to dismantle all oppressions.