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Andy Behrle

ebb & flow

Without the ocean, there is no rain. Without rain, there are no streams. Without streams, there are no rivers. Without rivers, there would be no lakes and inland rain water could not return to the ocean.

  • Screening Launch: Tuesday, May 2, 6:00 — 8:00 pm

Multiple video files capturing the textures and colors of water in nature at various locations throughout Washington are layered to become a single composition. As in nature, these microcosms combine to create a beautifully interdependent system. The footage used was collected at Neah Bay, 8mile Creek (North Cascades), Edmonds Bay, Puget Sound, Grand Coulee, Irrigation Canals (Yakima County), Hanford Reach (Columbia River near Tri-Cities), and Lake Crescent.

About the Artist

Born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Behrle holds a BA in Philosophy and Religion and Studio Art from Elmira College, N.Y and an MFA in Sculpture from Arizona State University. Water and light have been important materials in Behrle’s large scale time-based artworks since the early 2000’s. Since relocating to Washington’s Yakima Valley in 2012, he has been capturing and re-contextualizing digital video footage of the region’s waterways to create immersive installations and dynamic displays.