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Aubrey Nehring

New Growth

Shifting botanical geometries spring forth from the ground and grow across the multi-screen display.

Aubrey Nehring. New Growth, 2018. Video still.

New Growth is inspired by the pervading fractal nature of plant life, which explores the cycles of growth, decay, death, and regeneration. When plants are shown at the speed of human life, as in time lapse footage, a whole new perspective is gained. When seemingly random structures are symmetrically mirrored new patterns emerge as can be seen in architecture, mandalas or stained glass windows. The piece is accompanied by a subtle ambient soundtrack created by the artist. The intent is that this could have a therapeutic effect on viewers in the midst of the busy downtown street.

About the Artist

Aubrey Nehring is an animator, designer and musician from Kalamazoo, Michigan currently based in Seattle. He works in multiple medias which are often combined in the form of animated video and sound art that can range from hyper-stimulating to meditative. Whatever the mood or the media, the aim of the work is to potentiate novel states of consciousness in the experiencer.