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Carson Rennekamp

Aequalis, Northern Home II, Saralia

Carson Rennekamp's work immerses you in slowly evolving, organic imagery.

Carson Rennekamp. Northern Home, 2018. Digital still.

Each video was created at separately at different point within a year-span. Inspired by kaleidoscopic imagery, the videos are meant to be an excerpt from an infinite journey into an unknown atmosphere. The videos create new patterns that envelop the viewer into an ethereal state. Every video was created from a single image.

About the Artist

Carson Rennekamp is a sound and video artist who currently resides in Seattle. He has shown work at numerous galleries and experimental film festivals across the country. Carson produces and performs electronic ambient music under the name, Rahikka. Carson focuses on creating meditative and abstract color field projections and organic electronic sounds that focus on color, repetition, and movement.