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Julius Brown


In 2017, Brown travelled to Illinois to witness the totality of the August solar eclipse, where the remote location provided a magical, solitary experience.

This image comprises of horizontal rows of circles. The three rows on the bottom and three rows on the top are small circles, the next two rows on the top and bottom are slightly larger and the largest circles are in the middle row. Just below the row of large circles is a line that separates a completely black background from a burgundy background with lines of colorful waves and patterns. The circles have a variety of colors and patterns within them.
Julius Brown. Solarjul, 2017. Digital still.

Screening Launch: Thursday, April 5, 6:00 — 8:00 pm

This inspired Brown to create Solarjul, an archival interpretation of the cosmic event. Each screen in this 4-channel video represents a time zone of the continental U.S. and the total length—2 minutes and 40 seconds—parallels the duration of the 2017 eclipse. Thirty suns successively turn from yellow to black, while Earth is shown with changing color patterns and imaginary reflections. All these visual changes happen at a subtle, ambient pace—a hallmark of Brown’s style of video work.

About the Artist

Julius Brown creates lush visual imagery via what may be considered rather covert and cryptic methods. His process begins with the development, over more than a decade, of mysterious and complex computer languages. He then feeds them color and molds the output into intricate, organic patterns that evoke the movement of music. Using this technology-generated visual vocabulary, he transforms his “visuals” into works that span performance, video installation, print, and fabric. Julius Brown currently lives and works in Seattle.