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Kathryn Thibault

The Encroaching Field

Kathryn Thibault examines the way living bodies grow and interact in concert with visual and mechanical structures.

Kathryn Thibault. Dialogue, 2018. Vellum. Dimensions variable.
  • March 1 - 29, 2018
  • Opening: Thursday, March 1

The Encroaching Field consists of a series of wall-based sculptures that are linked by references to data visualization, mechanization, and human relationships. Hand-cut vellum and mixed media components – images of bodies, physical contact, and natural elements – allude to conflict, connection, mortality, and hope.

The work also speaks to Thibault’s desire to visually engage with intense personal challenges related to family, history, and her own physical health – challenges that overwhelm and overlap, blending together into an indivisible assemblage of experience, fear, and optimism.

Thibault’s color palette is intentionally restricted, drawing on the white walls of the gallery to give the work a ground while preserving the ephemeral nature of its construction. Her compositions employ (imperfect) data visualization practices in an attempt to make sense of our fragmented and chaotic world.

About the Artist

Kathryn Thibault was a resident artist at the Arlington Arts Center in Virginia for four years before relocating with her family to Bellevue, Washington. She works in a number of media, including computer graphics and programming, drawing, painting, glass, metal, and performance.

She has taught at Kirkland Art Center, exhibited in commercial and university galleries in the US, Europe, and Canada, and has received numerous grants, fellowships and awards. She holds a doctorate in Media, Art and Text from Virginia Commonwealth University, and she received an MFA from The Ohio State University, Columbus.

Thanks to Artist Trust for their generous support of this exhibition in the form of a GAP grant to assist with material and childcare expenses.