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Kiki MacInnis

Tide Table

Seattle’s Colman Ferry Dock is home to NOAA tide monitoring station 9447130. In Tide Table, the artist observes, records, and explores the connections between the ebb and flow of tide and human affairs at the dock.

It is night and the sky appears black over the water which is also very dark. There is a ferry at a dock, fully lit and reflecting off the water in the left of the frame. To the right, in the distance, is another ferry.
Kiki MacInnis. Tide Table, 2017. Digital still.

NOAA Monitoring equipment records the actual rise and fall of the daily tide, which is published as a graph, while time lapse video records traffic patterns in and around Colman Dock. Tide graphs from the time these videos were recorded appear in the work. The artist’s immediate and remembered experiences are modified, by imagination and metaphor, through images and drawings layered into an underwater video.

About the Artist

Kiki MacInnis’s primary studio practice is drawing with brush and ink. Her work in recent years has focused on aspects of the intertidal zone, the coastal area that regularly alternates between a watery environment and dry land. Tide Table, the video project at 4Culture’s Storefront Media Gallery, experiments with combining MacInnis’ ink drawings with underwater videos.

MacInnis teaches brush and ink drawing at Pratt and at the Seattle Artist League. She is a long time member of the SOIL artist run gallery in Seattle.