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Laurent Levesque

Adam’s Home

Filmed on the Bering Sea, Adam’s Home frames the office window of Adam, a merchant marine.

Laurent Levesque. Adam's Home, 2015. Digital still.

Our perceptions of time and space are intimately related to the earth, to the continent, to the constructions that dominate nature, to the windows that frame the landscape. Balanced between masses of water and air, before a stormy horizon, nothing plays by the same rules.

From this point of view, with proportions that evoke cinematographic images, the sea spreads away, rolls and moves, and carries the vessel with its motion. The window of Adam’s Home brings out the subjectivity of our relationship with space and time, built around familiar variations which are usually rooted in the reassuring lines of the horizon and of architectures. However, for Adam and his colleagues this window offers, as do the windows of a home, a common experience that is almost banal.

About the Artist

Making use of installation, digital technologies, photography and video, Laurent Lévesque sets up apparatuses that engage the visitor in a distorted experience of the landscape.

He explores the areas of tension between the natural and the artificial. He is especially interested in our relationship with nature, space and time in the contexts of environmental insecurity and the pervasiveness of technology.

Lévesque lives and works in Seattle and in Montreal. His projects, which were presented across Canada, in France and in Peru have led him to be selected for multiple residency programs and grants. e4c is the premier venue for his work in the United States.