Leah Gerrard


Leah Gerrard’s intricate wire sculptures are informed by an archeology of memories.

Leah Gerrard. Links (detail), 2017. Steel wire and chain link. Photo: Sherry Loeser
  • April 4 - 25, 2019
  • Opening: Thursday, April 4

Artist Talk: Thursday, April 25, 6:00 pm

In 1973, Federico Fellini condensed a Romanoglo phrase, A m’arcord, meaning “I remember,” into Amarcord to title his semi-autobiographic film. The headline has now become a neologism of Italian language, something akin to nostalgic recall.

Leah Gerrard’s collection of sinuous wire and found object sculptures are loosely derived from memories of her past. Some forms, although highly abstracted, were created with specific places and times in mind –full moon walks and late-night wanderings– while others are more evasive, revealing their origins only after creation.

In Sentiment, more than telling an actual story, Gerrard conveys feelings or moods for which we don’t have words. The organic shapes that populate the gallery create strong shadows and evoke a vague sense of familiarity, like shared secrets or collective dreams.

About the Artist

Leah Gerrard uses steel wire and basketry techniques to create abstract sculpture, inspiring emotion and connection through form.

She was born in Seattle and studied art at Linfield College and Cornish College of the Arts. In 2016, Gerrard received an Artist Trust Fellowship and was recently accepted into Shift Gallery and Northwest Designer Craftsmen.