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Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey and Peter Lynch collaborate as Let’s. Togehter, they created SWEEP, an immersive, interactive installation of sound and light sculpture.

© 2015 Let’s, Sweep (detail), wood, paint, electronics, light and sound
© 2015 Let’s, Sweep (detail), wood, paint, electronics, light and sound
  • July 2 - August 6, 2015
  • Opening: Thursday, July 2, 6:00 — 8:00 pm

SWEEP is comprised of 250 small scale light sculptures that are synchronized with sound. The combined components, assembled into a monumental artwork, are controlled by buttons and sliders that one (or more) gallery visitors can interact with at a time.

The individual sculptures are all small white wooden boxes, each projecting a single colored light. The bulb in each element has one of four colors. In addition, colored flood lights wash the entire installation. All the lights are animated and synchronized with the audio; variations depend on how the participant interacts with the controls.


About the Artist

Andy Arkley, Courtney Barnebey and Peter Lynch have been collaborating together for over ten years . For the last three years, they have been working exclusively as LET’S. Prior to SWEEP at Gallery4Culture, their most recent interactive art installations were shown at Seattle’s 2014 Bumbershoot festival to over 10,000 people. Their temporary art installation at the Seattle Art Museum drew in nearly 2,000 viewers.

They are also all members of the collage/performance art band The Bran Flakes and formerly members of the experimental dub disco video band, Library Science. Both bands make extensive use of music, design, art, animation and technology to communicate their ideas.