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Max Cleary

Getting to Where I’m Going

Getting to Where I’m Going presents a collection of personal truths, findings, and reminders that Cleary has written down over time.

Max Cleary, Getting to Where I'm Going (video still) © 2015. Image: Courtesy of the Artist.

He began collecting them in his sketchbooks when he first arrived to Seattle, five years ago. After sifting through these quips, he selected and illustrated ideas that have affected him and stuck with him the most “in getting to wherever it is I am in life at any given time.”

“My work focuses on being within a constant state of reaching or trying, where an end point is never firmly realized. To be on the verge of becoming is a desperate and vulnerable place to be, but it is also one of truth. You’re concerned with an end point and what your vision of that end is. You are filled with a sort of hope in your belief that you will arrive there at some point. You begin, you attempt, and hopefully you arrive at a place of fulfillment. I’m interested in that middle stage of reaching and in the idea of it perpetuating, to never successfully reach that destination.” – Max Cleary


About the Artist

Max Cleary, originally from Honolulu, Hawaii is currently living and working in Seattle. He received his BFA in Photomedia from the University of Washington in 2014.