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Peter Rand

A to B: 6-10

In A to B, Peter Rand constructs "toolsets" for the purpose of moving forward. The process of shifting and reassembling these crude sculptures becomes a study in getting from here to there.

Peter Rand with Stephen Rand. A to B #8 (detail), 2019. Mixed media. 16 x 165 inches.
  • June 6 - 27, 2019
  • Opening: Thursday, June 6

Its clunky and messy getting from one place to another sometimes. Our journeys are unequal – the enculturated tools and processes often dictate how we are able to navigate our communities and, for most of us, it can be hard and unfair. Rand’s A to B series began as a meditation on the incredible resilience of people as they push forward, building and creating their lives at every moment in the face of the tragic and the absurd.

But we don’t do it alone do we? We progress within a space of intersecting and colliding trajectories, collecting notions of self and other, assembling identity and purpose by realizing how we are reflected in those we encounter. We hope they are willing to accept us and, as a result, we notice how important it is that we are willing to accept them too. That’s hard to admit sometimes – that we need each other. And so whereas A to B: 1-5 was hyper-focused on the individual, A to B: 6-10 recognizes that, for better or worse, our journeys aren’t solitary, even though it might feel like it at times.

Rand states, “Each of my five new works are composed of photographs taken by people with whom I’ve had shared experience. The stories of our relationships (made available in print and audio description) intersect and revolve around one of the most formative periods of my life. I am there in the images because they were willing to help – to bear witness to my process.

Like A to B: 1-5, these photos are accompanied by a solid, numbered block that comprises nearly all of the material used in each respective work, save the small scraps they’re surrounded by – bits of residue from our time together that you can pick up and keep if you like.”

This exhibition supported in part by an Art Projects grant from 4Culture.

About the Artist

Peter Rand is an interdisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. Many of his projects are documents of his own learning process and chronicle attempts to make sense of things that, at the time of their inception, were unclear. His questions often have to do with the co-created space in which we find ourselves, and the indeterminate nature of an individual’s role within it.

A current member of SOIL Art Gallery in Pioneer Square, Peter received an MFA from the School of the Arts & Architecture at UCLA in 2014. His work has been exhibited internationally and he has collaborated on public art projects for the cities of Santa Monica, Dallas and Rome. In addition to his personal practice, Peter works with Disability Rights Washington as Lead Video Editor and Motion Designer for the award-winning Rooted in Rights program.