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Riley Allen


ACityIsACityIsACity is a series of videos that examine what urban places would look like if certain variables were removed and others are left.

Riley Allen. ACityIsACityIsACity, 2016. Digital Video. 5m 10sec

In the case of this work, there is more of an emphasis on the infrastructure of places like New York and Chicago, rather than the people and culture that make them distinct. With this series, I have specifically chosen to remain at the periphery of each city’s center to allow the idea of said city and the actual observation of it to collide.

About the Artist

Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Riley Allen currently lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. In 2015, he received his BFA from the University of Oklahoma, and in 2017 Allen obtained his MFA from the School of Museum of Fine Art at Tufts University. His work has exhibited nationally and internationally with recent exhibitions in Wesham, Lancashire, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Seattle and Boston.