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Ryan Hoover

Intersections / Interactions

Playing off of the fast pace tempo of our daily lives, Hoover invites the viewer to slow down with Intersection/Interactions.

Ryan Hoover. Intersections / Interactions, 2018. Video still.

Intersections / Interactions is intended to serve as a non-representational metaphor for the various types of daily interactions that individuals may encounter throughout the progression of their daily routines. It seeks to represent such processes at the most basic level, involving the coming together of two or more people in the same physical space and time; exchanging looks, information, and ideas, thereby changing and creating new spaces in unique, ephemeral, and evolving ways.

With this particular urban space in mind, where a variety of pedestrians, cyclists, drivers in vehicles and others are continually involved in similar passive activities, this work mimics such overlapping motions of the urban streets, sidewalks, and intersections. Intersections / Interactions’ motion is constant and slow-moving, deliberately in stark, contrasting juxtaposition to the typical fast-moving traffic of the physical outside world that the screens themselves face.

Somewhat inspired by Brian Eno’s notions that viewers tend to adapt their behavior to meet a piece on its terms, my hope is that viewers might slow down the usual brisk pace of urban life for a few moments in order to instead experience the subtle interactions between color, form, and shape at the speed of the work itself.

About the Artist

Ryan Hoover is an interdisciplinary artist, photographer, and musician. He earned a BFA (summa cum laude) in Photography and Studio Art from the University of Michigan and an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from the School of Art & Design at Alfred University. Originally from Michigan, Ryan currently lives in Seattle, where he works as a Program Coordinator at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington.