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Sarah Knobel


Sarah Knobel is interested in looking at objects that are insignificant, that have short-term functionality, but are objects of mass without utility.

Video still from Cycles, Sarah Knobel © 2017
Video still from Cycles, Sarah Knobel © 2017

Cycles is a 4 channel video installation that shows a variety of textures and colors produced by the integration of organic and plastic synthetic amalgams. Objects are shown in slow and repetitive motion. The materials begin to be immersed within pools of dense colored fluid to the point that they can no longer be seen. Once it seems the object are invisible, the videos are looped back to their original phases. Shown in a barren space, a sense of scale and known context of the materials is removed. With the videos’ trance-like movements and expansive and foggy audio components, these videos seem be living or least had life at one time.

About the Artist

Sarah Knobel is a photographer and video artist. Her work has been featured in exhibitions national and internationally, which include Miami, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City, Washington DC, Germany, Belgium and Greece. Knobel holds an MFA in Photography from the Design Architecture Art and Planning Program at the University of Cincinnati and a BFA in Studio Art from Texas State University. She is currently an Assistant Professor at St. Lawrence University in upstate New York.