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Selden Paterson

IOP B+ Informational Healer

Integrative Ontological Practices by Beta Plus Systems is the leading self-help and healing system for modern cyborgs.

Selden Paterson. IOP B+ Informational Healer, 2016. Digital still.

Through an exclusive understanding of the core principle of Tertiary Natural Consciousness (TNC), IOP B+ is able to provide a path to a more whole mind and complete self.

Our unique grasp of TNC brings us to understand that modern humans’ existence navigates constantly between three realms – the Terrestrial1, the Constructural2, and the Digital. Though these three planes of existence can be integrated and lived synchronously, the minds of most humans create artificial boundaries between experience of the three realms. This fracturing of mind and self-dilutes one’s ability to be, with effects unnoticeably obfuscating at best and debilitating at worst.

Through IOP B+ prescription healing techniques, you will be able to synthesize and integrate the Terrestrial, Constructural, and Digital planes on which you exist to increase efficacy and unity. Please enjoy this complimentary audio-visual introductory instructional healer, which will implant the basic tenets of IOP and allow you to begin your journey to a more whole, more integrated self.

1Terrestrial – the organic or “natural”
2Constructural – the human-made simulation of the natural [or Digital]

About the Artist

Selden Paterson is a Chicago-based artist whose work addresses humans’ evolving relationship with technology and with our environments, created and otherwise. She is driven by curiosity about the way humans organize and experience ourselves in physical, digital, and in-between spaces. Ongoing endeavors include Beta Plus Inc., Selden’s lifestyle improvement products company; The City at Newcomb Crater, her all-amenities included colony on the moon; and IOP B+, her self-help and healing system for modern cyborgs.